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Campus and Community March 31, 2023
M. Colleen McDaniel ’17

Colleen McDaniel ’17 found her calling when still at UD. While a student, she was a member of Peers Advocating for Violence Education and became a Green Dot trainer to reduce sexual assault. She now works to learn, lead and serve through initiatives that support populations disproportionately affected by sexual violence.

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Health March 30, 2023
The power of your own story

Winning a UD philanthropy contest helped sport management senior Lucy Wheeland win national recognition and $2,500 for a nonprofit supporting mental health. She hopes it’s just the beginning of her journey to help others by sharing her life’s story. 

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Faith/Mission March 30, 2023
We all have different Faith journeys
Online classes through the University of Dayton provide new opportunities for global participants.
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President March 29, 2023
Raising the Curtain
Three UD civil engineering co-op students are helping to raise the curtain on the magnificent Roger Glass Center for the Arts.
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Libraries March 29, 2023
One Day’s Difference
Donors who back library initiatives streamline student learning and access.
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Faith/Mission March 28, 2023
Healing Communities through Art

In a conversation with art professor Darden Bradshaw, award-winning artist, author, activist and storyteller Brother Mickey McGrath shares the messages of healing and redemption behind some of his paintings.

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Libraries March 28, 2023
2023 Library Awards
The Libraries honor junior Iyana Higgins, senior Tori Miller and graduate student Sabin Satheesh with the 2023 Library Awards.
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Law March 28, 2023
Lawmaking And Class Taking
See how Michele Reynolds is able to balance law classes with her role as a legislator.
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Faith/Mission March 27, 2023
Follow Christ With Mary to Conversion and Reconciliation

This Lenten meditation is the fifth of five excerpts from a series of meditations by Sr. M. Jean Frisk, I.S.S.M.

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Faith/Mission March 24, 2023
Welcome to the Catholic Church
Please journey with and pray for our students going through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) process here at UD. These candidates (those who have already been baptized) and catechumens (those who are not baptized) are currently preparing to receive the Sacraments of Christian Initiation at the Easter Vigil.
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