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Engineering August 23, 2018
UD Sinclair Academy
Oscar Ntakontagize knows one thing for sure: He wants to be a chemical engineer. What wasn’t so clear was how he’d get the education he needs for his dream career.
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Students and Campus Life August 20, 2018
Advice to the Class of 2022
This year, the University of Dayton College of Arts and Sciences welcomes more than 1,025 first-year students, representing nearly half of the University’s more than 2,200 new students from 39 states and 18 countries.
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Research August 07, 2018
Discovery-Based Research
This fall, University of Dayton assistant professor Yvonne Sun will introduce students in her microbiology lab course to the potential rewards and pitfalls of real-world research through her new partnership with the Tiny Earth network.
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President August 06, 2018
Our Home is an R&D Powerhouse
“Alex, I’ll take research powerhouses for $200.” Not only could I ace this category on “Jeopardy!” but I could also draw well-deserved attention to the University of Dayton Research Institute, whose growth has helped propel UD to a record $150 million in annual sponsored research and impressive research rankings.
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News August 06, 2018
SEHS social digest: Aug. 6, 2018
We're staying busy as our #FlyerSummer wraps up and we begin preparations for the new school year! Our students are studying abroad in Costa Rica, a Physical Therapy alum opened her own business and our faculty are being interviewed by local TV media. Follow this news and other recent updates being posted to the SEHS social media channels.
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Libraries August 03, 2018
Trending in 1688: Newton, Locke … and notiometers
A fun find in our rare books collection unveils market trends 330 years ago.
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Sciences July 30, 2018
Schuellein Chair in the Biological Sciences
The University of Dayton has appointed Amit Singh as the Schuellein Chair in the Biological Sciences. Singh is an associate professor of biology and director of the biology graduate program. He joined the University faculty in 2007.
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Research July 24, 2018
Understanding Insects
Salt may play a key role in thriving grasshopper, locust and other bug populations that can cause close to a billion dollars in damage to crops annually when left unchecked, according to new research led by University of Dayton ecologist Chelse Prather.
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Research July 23, 2018
Collaborative Research Projects
University of Dayton biology major Andrea Vietti is learning engineering and computer coding skills this summer to help prepare her to work as part of a transdisciplinary research team.
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News July 02, 2018
SEHS social digest: July 2, 2018
How are you spending your #FlyerSummer? Our students are teaching people about tasty dishes they can cook at home, taking summer classes and studying abroad in Italy, Spain & Portugal, while a faculty member is celebrating a $10,000 research grant and Lalanne teachers have returned to campus for the start of cohort 20. Follow this news and other recent updates being posted to the SEHS social media channels.
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