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President September 20, 2021
Not of Voice Alone, But Heart
Some of the University of Dayton’s wonderful undergraduate music ministers led Sunday's congregation through a full-throated version of Lord, Whose Love In Humble Service, their voices reverberating throughout the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.
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Sustainability September 19, 2021
UD student research exploring effects of solar panels on pollinator community

University of Dayton student Brigid Morgan is researching how solar panels at UD’s Curran Place affect the community of pollinators gathering next to the panels. Under the direction of Associate Biology Professor Chelse Prather, Morgan is a senior biology major with Spanish and philosophy minors. She plans to present her honors thesis in March 2022. For weeks, she used pollinator traps - different colored containers attracting different species inside and outside the solar array - and took them to the lab to identify them.

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Sustainability September 15, 2021
UD student research exploring sustainable eating practices in Hispanic populations

University of Dayton student Mary Claire Atkinson is researching the Latino/Latina/Hispanic population’s relation to sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and cultural dietary customs. Atkinson, a senior dietetics major and Spanish minor under the direction of assistant professor Diana Cuy Castellanos, is working on a narrative review examining the idea of a sustainable diet.

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Campus and Community September 14, 2021
University of Dayton Criminal Justice Studies program elevated to department, creating more experiential learning opportunities for students
Criminal justice studies majors at the University of Dayton now have greater research, collaboration and experiential learning opportunities with their program’s transition to a department within the College of Arts and Sciences.
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Business September 14, 2021
The Business Student Engagement Center is open and already impacting students.
The Business Student Engagement Center is open and already impacting students.
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Students and Campus Life September 03, 2021
Minor in Disability Studies, New CAP Courses Highlight UD Curriculum Innovations for 2021-22

A new minor and several new courses are among the University of Dayton’s latest offerings for the 2021-22 academic year to help students meet institutional learning goals and to prepare them to live and work in a diverse, global society.

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President September 03, 2021
A Canvas for Creativity

"The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer," Katie Hill told students in her New Venture Creation class. Sitting in a classroom overlooking Main Street in the revitalized Dayton Arcade, I thought about the power of her words in this space.

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Engineering September 01, 2021
University of Dayton School of Engineering Names Cooperative Education Director
Colleen Bretland named by the University of Dayton School of Engineering as Director of Cooperative Education begins this essential campus position September 1, 2021.
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Sustainability August 24, 2021
Former student’s podcast series recounts history of sustainability evolution at University of Dayton
University of Dayton graduate Sophia Palmer, a December 2020 UD grad who majored in mechanical engineering and earned a sustainability minor, developed a special four-part series that detailed four eras of how HSI and UD's sustainability program got to where it is and hinted at its future. The series starts with events beginning around 1985 and journeys through the decades after that led to a new strategic plan and the academic program offering four tracks in a major and a graduate certificate.
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Engineering August 23, 2021
Leaders in Engineering Education Named as Fellows 2021 by Kern Family Foundation

Dr. Timothy Reissman, assistant professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Dr. R. Kirk Pirlo, assistant professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, were recognized for leadership in undergraduate engineering education and ambassadors of excellence for the University of Dayton.

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