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Diversity and Inclusion May 09, 2023
The Best Accident

When he was just 8 years old, Joseph Boateng left his home in Ghana to live with his parents in Ohio. It was a journey undertaken with the hope to reunite with his family and prepare for a bright future. It would also, with a little help from fate, lead him to the University of Dayton.

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Campus and Community May 04, 2023
Students share disability research in collaboration with Brighter Connections Theatre
University of Dayton students learned about the experiences of people with disabilities through a research project with Brighter Connections Theatre.
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President May 02, 2023
It's About People

When trustees, alumni and friends ask me to describe the vision behind our ambitious and historic We Soar campaign, it comes down to three words: It's about people. 

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President April 27, 2023
A Seat at the Same Table
Ashley Andrews and Matt Khalil are not artists, and both readily told me that they knew little about Buddhism and Judaism before trying their hand at building a table representing both faith traditions.
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Law April 27, 2023
UD mock trial student attorney achieves only perfect score in the nation
University of Dayton senior Arabella Loera topped more than 7,300 mock trial students at the American Mock Trial Association’s regional and national tournaments.
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Human Rights April 25, 2023
Navigating today’s society as a Transgender Person
In this blog, Jet, a transmasculine nonbinary HRC student reflects on his experience coming out in high school, his life at University and the current legal targeting of LGBTQ+ young people in the U.S., specifically in Ohio.
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President April 24, 2023
We Soar!
Slowly playing a jazzy rendition of the UD fight song on a trumpet, Willie L. Morris IV '13 wound his way around the familiar intersection of Lowes and Lawnview, past campus lampposts, and through the audience to the center of a stage in the historic Dayton Arcade.
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Libraries April 21, 2023
Charles I, the Controller of Catholicism

One 17th-century Bible can illuminate how King Charles I of Great Britain used Catholicism as a means to achieve territorial unity and dominance during a time of religious turmoil and violence.

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Engineering April 19, 2023
Interested in creating a tech startup? UD has a technical entrepreneurship minor for you
University of Dayton students aspiring to create a tech startup can get a jump on their goal with a technical entrepreneurship minor. Based in the UD School of Engineering, and designed with the College of Arts and Sciences, the four-class sequence is open to all students and begins in fall 2023.
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Faith/Mission April 17, 2023
All in for UD
It’s being billed as "one day like no other," and Katie Bardine '23 is all in. The Stander Symposium is no small affair, and neither is One Day, One Dayton.
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