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Engineering September 21, 2018
University Aerospace Engineer Featured on ThinkTV Online Series Exploring Careers
Dr. Sidaard Gunasekaran, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, appeared on the season two opener of the online children’s series “I Can Be Anything I Want to Be, A to Z.”
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Engineering September 13, 2018
Faculty and Staff Recognized with 2018 Vision Awards
Dr. Kenya Crosson, Community; Dr. Sid Gunasekaran, Innovation; Dr. Andrew Sarangan, Excellence; Ms. Peg Mount, Engagement and Service
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Engineering August 27, 2018
An Internship Unlike Any Other
The ETHOS Center has two new videos. Nicaragua: 10-day International Breakout, was created by our own, Christian Cubacub, computer engineering major, who traveled with ETHOS and personally filmed.
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Engineering August 23, 2018
UD Sinclair Academy
Oscar Ntakontagize knows one thing for sure: He wants to be a chemical engineer. What wasn’t so clear was how he’d get the education he needs for his dream career.
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Engineering August 13, 2018
Time Capsule Reveal!
The sea of windows that ran along room 505 in Kettering Labs offered a welcoming light to the guests who came to discover just what was inside that copper chest.
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President August 06, 2018
Our Home is an R&D Powerhouse
“Alex, I’ll take research powerhouses for $200.” Not only could I ace this category on “Jeopardy!” but I could also draw well-deserved attention to the University of Dayton Research Institute, whose growth has helped propel UD to a record $150 million in annual sponsored research and impressive research rankings.
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Engineering July 20, 2018
Women in Engineering Summer Camp Marks 45 Adventurous Years!
A milestone: University of Dayton Women in Engineering Summer Camp (WIE) for high school students celebrates its 45th anniversary.
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Engineering July 13, 2018
Engineering Entrepreneurs Win Spot in International Competition
A recent University of Dayton engineering graduate and his partner took second place and won a spot in the China-U.S. Maker Competition in Beijing next month.
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Engineering July 12, 2018
Engineering Co-Op Students Step up to Leadership Roles at GE Aviation
With more than 300 cooperative education (co-op) students based in the Cincinnati area this summer, GE Aviation offers a variety of professional development and learning opportunities to participating students. Three University of Dayton students have been selected for leadership roles in the program.
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Engineering June 28, 2018
A Flyer Goes Higher (and Faster) with Blue Angels
Margie Pinnell, associate dean of faculty and staff development and associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Dayton School of Engineering, was chosen as a community key influencer to fly with the United States Navy’s Blue Angels prior to the annual Vectren Dayton Air Show.
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