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Libraries January 26, 2023
Real Dialogue, Real Change

At the personal level, Black history shows that dialogue leads to positive change.

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Human Rights January 26, 2023
Join the Global Human Rights Movement in 2023
Mary Tyler of Mary E. Tyler Consulting, LLC. writes for the Dayton Daily News about Human Rights Cities and the Dayton c
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President January 19, 2023
A Man for Our Times

When the Rev. Peter Matthews asked me to talk to people in the pews at McKinley United Methodist Church on the eve of MLK Day, I initially hesitated.

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Human Rights January 18, 2023
Discussion on housing justice continues with upcoming Imagining Community symposium
The Dayton region, UD faculty, staff and students will continue the conversation on housing justice during the second Imagining Community symposium.
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Giving January 17, 2023
World Cup and Well-Being
Is the World Cup connected to well-being? In the updated space for the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center, the answer is: yes.
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Libraries January 11, 2023
Best Books!
Scott West highlights bestsellers, award winners and diverse perspectives available to borrow from Roesch Library's leisure reading collection.
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President January 11, 2023
Be Uncommon

I sat among colleagues at the 2023 Learning Teaching Forum and listened with rapt attention to Dr. Karlos Marshall as he shared his deeply personal educational journey and offered lessons for bringing out the best in every University of Dayton student.

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Libraries January 03, 2023
5 Ways to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.
Library staff member Kevin Cretsos shares five ways anyone can honor the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.
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Students December 17, 2022
The Challenge of Change
"Some people are book-smart, but lack empathy, kindness and mercy. You cannot go about transforming the world — which is ultimately your assignment when you leave today — without both," President Eric Spina told the Class of 2022 at winter commencement. "As Flyers, you’re called to use your minds and hearts to work across disciplines and differences to make the kind of profound change the world needs."
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Fine and Performing Arts December 15, 2022
Music theorist, LGBTQ+ advocate working to make UD music curriculum more inclusive
Daniele Shlomit Sofer is bringing new ways of thinking to the ongoing revision of the University of Dayton’s music theory curriculum to make it more inclusive.
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