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International March 29, 2017
Bro. Joseph W. Stander Symposium Expands in Offerings
The 29th annual Stander Symposium offers new components to this year's event.
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Career Development March 16, 2017
Salary Negotiation: What's Holding You Back?
A University of Dayton student talks about learning the skills to negotiate the best possible starting salary in her first job and asks others, "What's holding you back from negotiation?"
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Engineering December 05, 2016
From Career Fair to Co-op to Career at Cargill: Nicolas Esparza Knows Where He?s Going
Nicolas Esparza, senior chemical engineering major, chose to venture outside of the classroom to gain real-world experience through the School of Engineering?s Cooperative Education Program.
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International November 01, 2016
Faculty development opportunity supporting internationalization
Learn more about Global Education Seminar, a faculty development opportunity supporting internationalization.
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International October 19, 2016
Creating Inclusive Community Presents: Crossroads Conference
Creating Inclusive Community Presents: Crossroads Conference for campus community.
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Faith/Mission September 23, 2016
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International September 20, 2016
Learning around the World: Explore the Education Abroad Fair
Learning can occur all?around the world, and what better place to explore where is right for you than?the Education Abroad Fair.
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Continuing Education May 26, 2016
Career-Altering Experience for Dayton-Area Business Leaders
Program provides career-altering experience for Dayton-area business leaders.
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Teacher Education May 24, 2016
Save the Date!
Save the Date!
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Faith/Mission May 06, 2016
Teacher Appreciation Week
It's National Educational Association's (NCEA) Teacher Appreciation Week!
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