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Experiential Learning November 06, 2018
Perspectives from the GEMnasium: Lauren DeClark
Senior Lauren DeClark experiences the impact of vulnerable conversations and a humanity-centered mindset.
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Experiential Learning October 31, 2018
Drive Series Part I: Who do you want to be?
IACT Certificate students look beyond a job title while examining passion, purpose, and possibility.
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Experiential Learning October 29, 2018
Engaging With Business
A signature experiential learning program for the non-business major.
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Faith/Mission October 29, 2018
Beyond UD
I was entering this program with so many questions about my faith and what I should do with my life, so I took out my phone with the intention of writing a list of goals for myself, but, I only ended up making one goal for myself. I wrote, “my sole desire for the next year is to seek God more authentically than I ever have before,” and that felt like a substantial enough adventure for me.
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Business October 24, 2018
Heffner Awards Fund More Than Just Work
by Madelyn Allor, '19 and Jeanne Zeek
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Experiential Learning October 16, 2018
Experiential Learning Stipend Program
Fund Your professional development goals with the help of Career Services and The Office of Experiential Learning.
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President October 15, 2018
When 2+2 Equals More Than 4
The UD Sinclair Academy is a national model in higher education for making a bachelor’s degree more affordable and accessible.
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Law October 03, 2018
Law and (alphabetical) Order
How Katie Wright '14 has spelled out a unique legal career.
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President September 17, 2018
The Verdict: A Legal Education Pioneer
Audiences would agree that the fictional rural town in Alabama where Atticus Finch advocated for justice in the classic film To Kill a Mockingbird was well-served by this small-town lawyer. But that’s Hollywood.
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International September 13, 2018
Language Learning Made Easy
Have an interest in learning a new language? The University Libraries is now offering a new, easy to use, online resource for our campus community.
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