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Athletics February 14, 2017
Seniors teach the freshman what confidence and collaboration is
I think my love for sports will always allow me to enjoy any game no matter what level it is at. To be able to be apart of other UD Flyer's passions' is an honor...
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Athletics February 08, 2017
My First UD Men's Basketball Game
After many free throws, dunks and fast-break points Dayton defeated St. Joe?s 77-70...
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Libraries February 07, 2017
Rowing marks 25 years at UD
1992 news release recounts program's austere launch.
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Athletics January 31, 2017
Are You A True Sports Fan?
As a true sports fan it?s not just about being number one, although that does help with the competition aspect, but it?s also to remember what a fan is...
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Athletics January 22, 2017
Am I a Sports Writer?
I am not a sports writer but I am a lover of sports and a writer...
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President December 02, 2016
Class Act
As the lights dimmed for the Dayton Flyers men?s basketball season opener against Austin Peay, I found myself immersed in a swaying sea of red-clad, screaming, ferocious fans intent on lighting up the Arena with hundreds of cell phones.
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International October 13, 2016
Camp Nou in Barcelona
As we approached the stadium my heart raced. I had watched so many soccer matches as a child and young adult on the television, seen the soccer stars play at Camp Nou and dreamed of one day walking on the field and looking all around at the people staring down as if I too were a soccer star...
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President September 21, 2016
The day starts early for the Dayton Flyers. In between weight lifting and a morning run, the men's cross country team paused to meet the new president. I shared with the students my short-lived intercollegiate athletic, um, "glory."
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Athletics March 16, 2016
Go Dayton Flyers
UD students are some of the best supporters and fans I have ever met!
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Athletics March 24, 2015
UD Rocks!
Rock climbing at UD!
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