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Young alumni spotlight: Patrick Ptak ‘10

By Patrick Ptak ‘10

Author bio
Major: English and Political Science
Nominated by: Rachel McCormack ‘10
Recognition area: Leadership - Patrick is the communications director for the Ducey for Governor Campaign

A lot of people will tell you that college didn’t teach them anything useful. Not me. Not a day goes by when I don’t use some lesson I learned during one of my four years at the University of Dayton.

My job is writing — speeches, talking points, social media, press releases, briefings, quotes and more. It requires a firm understanding of policy and how government works, a keen sense of what makes effective communication, and a never-ending supply of resourcefulness — all skills presented by my Dayton professors, when I was smart enough to pay attention.

Margins of error and standard deviations, effective sentence structuring, fundamentals of representative government — I have passionate professors like Dr. Nancy Mortorano-Miller, Dr. Alan Kimbrough, Dr. Jason Pierce and Father John Putka to thank for explaining these concepts first.

The biggest opportunity UD provided me was the chance to intern my senior year for Director of Government and Regional Relations Ted Bucaro in the president's office. The exposure and responsibilities this experience provided me are highlights of my career, and I would say my career started at UD with that opportunity. It was a once in a lifetime launching pad, and I'm very grateful to Ted and Dr. Dan for it.

Beyond knowledge and degrees, UD gives you something more, something that’s very UD: a lesson in compassion, in treating others as we are called to treat them.

There are many paths I could have taken to be where I am today. I am grateful I chose this one. To quote (poorly) Robert Frost, it’s the path through the University of Dayton that has made all the difference for me.

Four years is never enough. Luckily, UD is something you take with you for the rest of your life.

“Patrick is a hardworking, industrious, humble, kind, humorous, driven and accomplished individual. Above all though, his ability to lead stands out… Patrick is dedicated to living the UD mantra: Learn, Lead, Serve.” - Rachel McCormack ‘10


Young alumni spotlights are an initiative of day10, the University’s young alumni group. Learn more about young alumni programs and how you can recognize a classmate. 

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