A weekend of friends, memories and the same UD

By Courtney Deutsch '98

Author bio
City: Oakwood, OH
Profession: Nonprofit special events and marketing
Favorite UD home: Campus South
UD role: I enjoy being a Reunion class co-chair because it’s a chance to rally my fellow alums and get other people excited about Reunion Weekend.

I knew my Reunion Weekend was off to a good start when I walked into registration and saw my junior year roommate for the first time in 20 years. It set the tone for the whole weekend — a weekend filled with friends, memories and the same UD I’ve always loved.

Like a lot of alums, I like to come back for Reunion because I get to see the people I care about in a place that’s special to us. When you come back, it’s like the years since graduation just melt away, and you’re right back where you left off. Physically, much of campus is new and different, but the people and the place feel exactly the same.

I think UD is the perfect size school to host reunions. The University is big enough to really do it up, put on a great event and have a good contingency of people show up. Yet, UD is small enough that people know each other and remember a lot of their classmates. That makes for a great gathering. Plus, the University really rolls out the red carpet for alums when they come back. The whole campus gets involved. I think it goes without saying that UD has the perfect culture for reunions, too. The common theme of inclusion and community is filtered through all classes, administration and staff. No matter who you run into, you feel welcomed.

One of my favorite moments from this year’s Reunion Weekend was the Porch Party. The event is so indicative of the spirit and community we associate with UD. We’re all from different class years, but we come together and share the same bond. You can talk with someone who graduated 20 years before you or 20 years after you and hear the same stories and share very similar experiences. 

I do my part to help make sure alumni attend Reunion so they can experience how fun it is. The more people who come back, the better it is for everyone. I’ve been on my class’ committee for each of our past Reunions, but this year I volunteered to be a co-chair for the class of 1998. Our committee reached out to classmates to spread the word about Reunion and to get people excited about coming back to campus. Sometimes people want to come to Reunion, but they just need that extra little push. As volunteers, we can help make that happen.

Reunion Weekend was everything I expected and hoped that it would be. People are often afraid they won’t know anybody if they come back, but everyone can mesh into the group and connect with fellow classmates. I’ve even made new friends at Reunion Weekend! If you’re on the fence about coming back for Reunion Weekend, know that it’s an unforgettable experience and is absolutely worth the effort to make the trip. I promise you won’t regret coming back to campus. It will feel like you never left.

To learn more about Reunion Weekend, visit your.udayton.edu/reunion.

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