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Vote Everywhere

Our Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors are committed to political awareness and open discourse. They are here to help anyone who wants to be heard through the power of voting.

Katherine Liming

Katherine is a senior at the University of Dayton, double majoring in communication and political science. Outside of Vote Everywhere, Katherine is also a Dayton Civic Scholar, through the Fitz Center and an ASI Mentor for the first-year communication students. Katherine is enthusiastic to institutionalize this program on campus and make University of Dayton a more politically conscious and active campus. As a Vote Everywhere ambassador, Katherine’s focus is to erase the stigma that college students are not politically aware and make voting more accessible to students.

Anna Herrmann

Anna is a senior double majoring in Music and Communication. She is heavily involved in music ensembles on campus, works for the Department of Chemical Engineering, and serves as Alumnae Relations Chair and a member of the standards board for Kappa Delta Sorority. She is excited to take part in a program with humbling and inspiring history as well as encourage her campus community to become more politically involved.

Pat Benn

Pat is a senior at the University of Dayton. Majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics, he also works for an international business advisory firm in Washington, DC; specializing in promoting trade in Africa. As a Vote Everywhere Ambassador, Pat is chiefly enthusiastic about promoting civil, well-informed political discourse on the University of Dayton's campus and increasing the number of university students registered to vote. 


Vote Everywhere

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