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Liberal Arts Scholarship Catalyst Grants Program

2018 Awards

The 2018 LASC grant recipients:

  • Simanti Dasgupta (Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work): Prophylactic Rights, Sex Worker's Subjectivity at the intersection of HIV/AIDS
  • Suki Kwon (Department of Art and Design): Creative Seminar Project in China
  • Nancy Martorano Miller (Department of Political Science): Applying Institutional Grammar Syntax Framework-Study of Public Policy in State Constitutions
  • Caroline Merithew (Department of History): Feminism, Antifascism, global struggle to keep Ethiopia independent
  • Haimanti Roy (Department of History): Paper Trails: Mobility and Documentary Citizenship in 20th Century India
  • David Watkins (Department of Political Science): Uses, Abuses of "realism" in political theories of immigration
  • Laura Voracheck (Department of English): Late 19th c. women journalists

Liberal Arts Scholarship Catalyst Grants Program

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