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2022 Bombeck Workshop Faculty Maria Whelan

Maria Whelan

Before joining InkWell, Maria Whelan worked as a foreign rights assistant at Janklow & Nesbit and interned at Akashic Books.

In the fiction space, Maria enjoys voicey, edgy, upmarket books that feel urgent and speak to the current cultural moment or reveal something about our society, as well as magical realism, literary fiction and humor. In terms of non-fiction, she enjoys books that revolve around peculiar topics especially overlooked facets of society.

Her authors include Erin Mayer, Audrey Burges, Vinod Busjeet, Liz Topp, Luke Dumas, Dima Alzayat, Sarah Fay and Eduardo Garcia.

She graduated from University College Dublin with a BA in English and drama, then obtained her Masters in Modern Literature from the University of Edinburgh.