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2022 Bombeck Workshop Faculty Eva Lesko Natiello

Eva Lesko Natiello

Eva Lesko Natiello is an award-winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, speaker, essayist, and book marketing and publishing consultant. She has assisted thousands of authors worldwide to successfully publish and market their books. 

Her psychological thrillers, The Memory Box and Following You, explore themes of misconception and obsession, when people appear normal but upon closer inspection are actually deviant, or at least a little screwy. And how people with obsessions do kooky things. (By kooky, she means, psycho.) All this from a legendary scaredy-cat.

Eva has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her self-published titles, translation rights in multiple languages, audio rights at auction (and is so close to selling movie rights — but she’s not giving up!). Eva’s essays — on writing, parenting, satirical reflections on pop culture — can be found on Huff Post, New Jersey Monthly, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine,, anthologies, on her blog, writing from the intersection of oops, yikes & awe, and elsewhere.

Eva studied psychology at UAlbany and upon graduation, she moved to the Caribbean to become a resort singer. She thought it was a great way to start her professional life. Her parents vehemently disagreed. Thankfully, faith was restored in her when she segued to the cosmetics industry where she led the global communications team at Estee Lauder for many years. She is thrilled with her latest reinvention as novelist and book publishing consultant and is hard at work on her upcoming (juicy) suspense novel.