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Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter

Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter
Edited by Marcia Stewart and Teri Rizvi
Designed and illustrated by Drue Wagner

Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter explores the humorous, nobody-else-could-ever-understand, special world of sister relationships. Features 21 hilarious (and true) stories by the winners of Nickie’s Prize for Humor Writing from the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. Plus dozens of funny contributions — from New York Times bestselling authors and Saturday Night Live legends to comedians, podcasters and other creatives.

Sisters! is the perfect gift for yourself, your sister and friends in your life who are just like sisters. Proceeds benefit the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop Endowment Fund, used to keep the workshop affordable for writers. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through the University of Dayton's Bookstore. Suggest it for your next book club selection and download the Sisters! Book Club Guide to help create a lively conversation.

Advance praise for Sisters! Bonded by Love and Laughter:

"With Alan Zweibel, Adriana Trigiani, Laraine Newman and Stella Parton (to name a few), this is an amazing celebration of the special bond, the love, the laughter, the inimitable closeness of sisters and a tribute to the love, laughter, and closeness of family that Erma Bombeck so brilliantly inhabited. Like sisters themselves, Sisters Bonded by Love and Laughter is a gift." — Amy Ephron, bestselling author

"This smart and funny collection captures the essence of sisterhood perfectly: that your sister can be your best friend and your worst enemy on the same day, maybe even in the same hour.” — Lian Dolan, creator of the Satellite Sisters podcast and author of The Sweeney Sisters

"If you have a sister or know a sister, you will love this very funny, totally charming and deeply heartwarming book." — Julie KlamNew York Times bestselling author of The Almost Legendary Morris Sisters

“I love this book. There’s nothing funnier or more powerful than sisterhood, and this nails it all!" — Amy Solomon, editor, Notes from the Bathroom Line: Humor, Art, and Low-Grade Panic from 150 of the Funniest Women in Comedy


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