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Gudorf Chair in Catholic Intellectual Traditions

"I really appreciate the opportunity to read primary sources of foundational texts and thinkers (in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition)."

Mira Wilson

2021 McGrath Award Winner

Past McGrath Award Winners

McGrath Awardees present their research at the Catholic Intellectual Traditions Symposium in the spring term.

2023 Junior and Senior Awards

J Carr-Chellman

Majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Economics, Jules completed “Camus and the Absurdity of Desalination” for PHL 360.

Jacob Kulig

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace, Jacob completed “Time in Religious Philosophy: A Comparison of St. Augustine and Avicenna” for PHL 308.


Majoring in Religious Studies and Theology with a minor in Biology, Emily completed “Divine Labor and Delivery: A Woman’s Christology” for REL 490.

2023 First-year and Sophomore Awards

Danny Napoli

Double majoring in English and AYA Education, Daniel completed “Good Things Come to Those Who Train” for ASI 110.

Elayna Walloch

Majoring in Entrepreneurship, Elayna completed “The Catholic Church’s Teachings on Suicide” for ENG 198.


Double majoring in Philosophy and Urban Sustainability, Eleanor completed “The ‘Midnight Incendiary’: America’s Myth of Black Violence” in ASI 120.

2022 Junior and Senior Awards

Majoring in Religious Studies and Theology, Jordan completed "Cultivating Encounter: The Theology of Philia in a Broken World" for REL 490.

A Music Therapy major, Molly completed "Rewriting 'Love Yourself" for MUS 302.

A Music Therapy major, Katie completed "Rediscovering the Music of 17th Century Nun Composers within the Modern Catholic Musical Practice" for MUS 390.

2022 First-year and Sophomore Awards

Julie, an International Studies major, completed "'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,' a Summary and Rhetorical Analysis of Augustine’s Conversion Story" for ASI 110.

Benjamin, a Mechanical Engineering major, completed "Werner Heisenberg - A Philosophical Physicist" for ENG 198.

Eleanor, a Philosophy major, completed "He Came in like a Wrecking Ball: How Martin Luther Dismantled the Three Walls of the Romanists" for ASI 110.

2021 Junior and Senior Awards

Margaret, Music Education major, completed "Music as a Window to the Soul: The Story Behind My Senior Recital" for MUS 450.

Emma Grace, a Religious Studies and Theology major, completed "A Call for Renewal: How the Creation and Promulgation of Nostra Aetate Transformed Catholic-Jewish Relations" for REL 490.

Emily, a Biology major, completed "Natural Selection: The Eschatological Role of Nature in 1 Enoch and Snowpiercer" for CMM/REL 359.

2021 First-year and Sophomore Awards

Maya, a Health Sciences major, completed "Reconstruction's Black Church and its Role in the Healing Process" for ASI 120.

Emily, a Religious Studies and Theology major, completed "The Argument of a Modern Psychopath: I See God on Sunday" for ASI 110.

Mira, a Religious Studies and Theology major, completed "The Effects of Clerical Sexual Abuse on the God Question" for REL 250.


Gudorf Chair in Catholic Intellectual Traditions

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