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Gudorf Chair in Catholic Intellectual Traditions

About the Current Chair

Timothy R. Gabrielli is the first Gudorf Chair in Catholic Intellectual Traditions. A UD alumnus, Gabrielli assumed this role in August 2019.

Gabrielli received his doctorate in theology in 2014 and his master’s degree in theological studies in 2011 — both with honors and both from the University of Dayton. He also holds a bachelor’s in English literature and theology from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

His research investigates the modern history of Catholic sacramental theology and practice, propelled by a fundamental conviction that the resources of the tradition can speak to our contemporary questions.

His first book, Confirmation: How a Sacrament of God’s Grace Became All About Us, offers a history of the theology and practice of Confirmation in the 20th century United States. His second, One in Christ: Virgil Michel, Louis-Marie Chauvet, and Mystical Body Theology, revisits mystical body of Christ theology.


Gudorf Chair in Catholic Intellectual Traditions

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