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Alumni Chair in Humanities


The process to borrow a DVD from the Alumni Chair in Humanities collection for teaching purposes during the pandemic is listed below.


Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Requests must be made at least 5 business days prior to the date needed. 

  1. Determine as soon as possible any DVDs you need to use during the fall semester.
  2. Email Chris Tangeman, ILL Borrowing Specialist to check if the DVD is available for streaming from Swank or Canopy.
  3. If the DVD is not available for streaming, please email me at least 5 days prior to the date needed. I will check additional campus resources for streaming options.
  4. If the DVD can't be streamed due to licensing or other restrictions, we can try to make arrangements for you to borrow it.

View or download the list of DVDs here.

The Alumni Chair in Humanities offers the following resources for faculty.


DVDs purchased through The Endowed Fund for the Alumni Chair in Humanities are catalogued in Roesch Library. Those used most frequently by faculty in the Humanities Building are housed in HM 466. The remaining DVDs are housed with the Library holdings. The location is indicated on the catalogue listing.

Please bring your University ID card to check out materials housed in HM 466.

Library Funds

Funds are available for purchasing books that relate in some way to the humanities and that serve interdisciplinary needs. We can help with the purchasing of books that do not readily fit into departmental categories or budgets. All books purchased through this fund are housed in Roesch Library. We can also purchase DVDs with these funds.

To make a purchase request:

  • Please check to make sure the library doesn't already own the book or DVD.
  • For a book purchase, email the title, edition, ISBN, Publisher, date of publication, source of information and cost to Heidi Haas in the Office of the Alumni Chair in Humanities. Please copy your liaison on the e-mail so your department knows you made the request.
  • For a DVD purchase, email the title, cost and distributor or website where the DVD can be purchased to Heidi Haas. Please copy your liaison on the e-mail so your department knows you made the request.

Alumni Chair in Humanities

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