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Integrative Science and Engineering Center

CoRPs Fellows

ISE CoRPs launched in 2018. Each year the program supports around 10 undergraduate summer research fellows working with 15 or more faculty mentors.

2021 research fellows
Amanda Blust
The Chemical Engineering major investigated cell death signals in brain tumor growth and development in drosophila.
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Hannah Darnell

The Biology major studied transcription regulation in pausing and eye development.

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Esther Labya

The Biology major examined the role of MicroRNA-277 in gene regulation of growth and development.

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Kaitlyn Martin
The Biochemistry major explored the nervous system’s role in the regeneration of axolotl limbs.
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Mackenzie Martin
The Pre-Medicine major investigated how macrophages respond to cancer conditions.
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Augustine Miller
The Biology major explored the role of the nervous system in axolotl limb regeneration.
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Emma Rogiers

The Chemical Engineering major developed a material for the separation of a contaminant from water.

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Sadie Salamone

The Pre-Medicine major studied the role of neural stem cells in aggressive gliomas.

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Jessica Schneider

The Chemistry major synthesized and electrospun of photodegradable metallopolymers for tissue research.

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Emily Snider

The Biology major explored the role of Microtubule Stabilizing Factor NAT9 in Alzheimer’s Disease.

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... I did gain so much from my experiences this summer and would absolutely recommend (CoRPS) to anyone else wanting to try research.

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