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Integrative Science and Engineering Center

What Fellows Say

Until participating in the CoRPs program, the majority of our fellows had no previous research experience. This program has allowed the opportunity for academic and pre-professional growth for every participant.

  • 45%

    are Pell Grant-eligible (or similarly qualified for financial aid)

  • 3.7

    average GPA

  • 64%

    just completed their 1st or 2nd year at UD

  • 95%

    say the program helped prepare them for a career.

  • 91%

    rate their overall research experience as good or excellent.

  • 91%

    feel prepared for a career in research after the program.

  • 90%

    think the experience clarified what field they want to pursue.

  • 100%

    feel more comfortable collaborating with others.

  • 95%

    feel better able to explain their project to people outside their field.

In their own words

  • "I definitely learned a lot of independent skills inside and outside of research."
  • "I believe the ISE Summer CoRPs does a fantastic job with the professional development programs, I feel that after the close of the program I am much more prepared to delve into a career in any field, not just research."
  • "I think that this program actually kind of helped me figure out everything and … given me more insight into the things that I want to achieve. [A]ll that I want to do is help people with my life and...this opportunity has already done that."
  • "I believe that this program has showed how I can impact others around the world...[I]t made me feel like [my professional goal] is more possible and achievable."
  • “... ISE Summer CoRPs did an amazing job of helping me prepare for the next steps.”
  • "... I did gain so much from my experiences this summer and would absolutely recommend [CoRPs] to anyone else wanting to try research."
  • "The relationships that were established with faculty members were one of the most valuable aspects that prepared me for my future goals."

  • "(CoRPs) made me realize how valuable collaborating with a team can be.”
  • “(CoRPs) did give me skills and knowledge that I’ll be able to apply in any field ...”
  • "... I've learned ... academic professionalism, being able to speak and give presentations ..."
  • "The weekly workshops also helped to develop my scientific writing/presenting skills and ... my teamwork skills."


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