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Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

History of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

What follows is a brief history highlighting the evolution and development of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.  Here are a few - certainly not all - of the significant works accomplished over the years.  The Institute had several different titles since 1970 as it shifted to address the emerging needs of the church. The University archive holds the detailed historical records.  

  • 1970 Center for Christian Renewal founded by the Marianist Foundation and the University of Dayton address the pastoral, catechetical and lay leadership formation needs of the Church.
  • 1995 Center for Christian Renewal et al merge into the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.
  • 1997 IPI establishes the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.
  • 2000 VLCFF begins diocesan partnership.
  • 2006 the VLCFF adds Spanish courses.
  • 2008 VLCFF reaches 35 diocesan partners.

Who funds the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives?

IPI is funded by a grant from the Marianist Foundation, contributions from the University of Dayton, outside funding agencies and income from workshops, lectures, seminars, consultations, publications, etc. of the staff.

How does the Institute Relate to the University?

The mission IPI is mobilize the resources of the University for partnerships with the Church; thus, the Institute is constantly alert for engaging various entities of the University to address the emerging needs and issues of the Church. The Institute also collaborates with the School of Education and the Center for Catholic Education of the University.

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Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

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