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Institute for Pastoral Initiatives


  • Beach Center on Disability-The University of Kansas.  Beach Center provides how-to's, opportunity for parents to connect with other parents, laws, and links:
  • Family Village. A global community of disability related resources. Explanations of disability diagnoses, links to government agencies, and education sites:
  • Fire Foundation. Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education. Through fundraising and advocacy, FIRE lights the way for children with special needs to share in the opportunities that Catholic schools provide.
  • Family Empowerment Network. Links to educational resources, also access to several disability newsletters:
  • National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion. Working toward full inclusion for Catholic schools.
  • National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities. Includes a good publications section and a news digest series.  Good articles on involving students in IEP development, and on special education practices:
  • Pacer Center. Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights.  Frequently asked questions and information for parents:

Catholicism on the 'Net

  • Catholic Educator's Resource Center. Web site to provide teachers in Catholic schools with supplemental teaching materials on Catholic church teaching, history, and culture:
  • Exceptional Catholics MN. Resources for disabled Catholics. Promoting inclusion in the classroom and Mass.

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Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

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