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UD CARES Council

Joining the Resilience

By signing Second Nature's commitment, the University of Dayton pledges to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to collaborate with other Miami Valley organizations in planning for climate resilience. The group formed to address this task is the UD Climate Action, Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CARES) Council.

The council will be chaired by University of Dayton President Eric Spina and co-chaired by Ben McCall, the executive director of the Hanley Sustainability Institute. The other inaugural members are:  Paul Benson, Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs; Andy Horner, Executive Vice President of Business and Administrative Services; Bill Fischer, Vice President for Student Development; Rev. Jim Fitz, SM, Vice President for Mission and Rector; Jen Howe, Vice President, University Advancement; Rick Krysiak, Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning; Molly Wilson, Vice President for Marketing and Communications;  Jason Pierce, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Eddy Rojas, Dean, School of Engineering
Kathy Webb, Dean, University Libraries; Hunter Goodman, Executive Director, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community; Mark Jacobs, President, Academic Senate (or faculty representative identified by the Senate); Bryan Borodkin, President, Student Government Association (or other SGA representative).

As Second Nature explains, this body "should be empowered with the authority necessary to implement the (Carbon and Resilience] Commitments, and should include high-level participants who have the ability to
enact elements of the plan." The Council first met in October 2019 and normally will meet quarterly.

Second Nature's Climate Leadership Statement says, in part: "We, the undersigned presidents and chancellors of colleges and universities, believe firmly in the power, potential, and imperative of higher education’s key role in shaping a sustainable society." 

The statement, which also lists key target dates to develop and implement plans, closes by saying, "We believe carbon neutrality and resilience are extremely high priority areas of action for all institutions and we aim to lead the nation in these efforts. We urge others to join us in transforming society towards a sustainable, healthy, and more prosperous future."

Sustainability 10.07.20

Hanley Sustainability Institute graduate assistants Lauren Wolford and Meg Maloney are leading the University of Dayton’s resilience assessment as part of UD’s Second Nature climate commitment to plan for climate resilience. They talked to 50-60 community stakeholders about resilience planning in and around Dayton. “Because of what we’re all currently living in, it was really easy to have these conversations specifically around the pandemic,” Wolford said. “It was inspiring to hear from different organizations.”

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