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Student Research

The Hanley Sustainability Institute supports student research promoting campus sustainability solutions.  Each year seniors in the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment program complete interdisciplinary research bringing together their understanding of sustainability solutions and growing their skills to address the complex issues of our times on campus and in the community. 

2015 – 2016 Student Projects

Analysis of parking lot solar canopy systems

With a cost/benefit analysis and case studies of parking lot solar canopy systems, students assessed the possibility of implementing a solar array as a parking canopy on campus and quantified additional benefits beyond the production of electricity.

Team Members:

  • Laura Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rosemary Brown, Operations and Supply Management
  • Tom Critchfield, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nate Stapulionis, Mechanical Engineering
Room to Grow: Greenhouse Feasibility Analysis

Students prepared a concept plan comparing the value of adding additional campus greenhouses or expanding the existing one to grow food on campus and for environmental and sustainability research.

Team Members:

  • Steven Harrell, Mechanical Engineering
  • Charley Rooney, EAS
  • Shante Eisele, Biology
  • Lea Dolimer, Environmental Biology
Green Roof Installation

Feasibility and benefits of installing green roofs on the Kennedy Union and VWK patios.

Team Members:

  • Allexa Gaewsky, Psychology
  • Tory Wawzyniak, Mechanical Engineering
  • Maddie Beban, Mechanical Engineering
  • Elise Moeller, Communications
Cooking oil to Biodiesel

Students working on this project extended, formalized and presented the possibilities of alternative fuels for campus vehicles through a feasibility analysis of converting used cooking oils to biodiesel on campus.

Team Members:

  • Saad Aldossary, Civil Engineering
  • Ryan Chumack, Mathematics
ECO-rep program feasibility analysis

Team members developed a proposal for an ECO-rep program at the University of Dayton by evaluating types and effectiveness of existing programs at other institutions and identifying expenses, materials and curriculum needed to create a program.

Team Members:

  • Peter Hansen, International Business and Marketing
  • Emily Vucovich, Pre-medicine
Our place in the watershed

In collaboration with the Miami Conservancy District, students measured and evaluated the impact of the University of Dayton’s water run-off on the health of the Great Miami River.

Team Members:

  • Devin Mallett, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lauren Poellnitz, Mechanical Engineering
  • Robert Greene, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Engineering Mechanics

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