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Sustainability Activation Program

The Sustainability Activation Program aims to educate University of Dayton campus and beyond about the importance of living sustainably. This program is focused on three goals: care, conserve and commit. By educating students about current environmental issues and why they are happening, we are trying to foster an interest to conserve our natural resources. This program then helps students discover ways they can conserve resources in their daily life and make a commitment to be more sustainable. This program has two main branches: the Flyers Go Green AVIATE in-person events and AVIATE online modules. The fall 2017 and 2018 AVIATE events, facilitated by Sustainability Reps, hosted well over 1,000 students, with about 2 events offered each week. The campus sustainability online modules for this year will become available in January 2019, comprised of short videos and quizzes that focus on how students can make sustainable choices in their daily lives. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a preview of these online module videos.


Looking to the future, Sustainability Rep facilitators will carry on to educate campus outside of the AVIATE modules. These student volunteers will train to work in a variety of different settings including classrooms, club meetings, community events, and housing and resident life’s community building meetings. Sessions will focus on how students can become more engaged in sustainability through their daily, personal choices on campus and beyond. Moreover, these Reps are working to create tiers of sessions for students who want to learn more after attending the initial, general session. The overarching goal is to have each faculty, student, and staff member attend a general session within their tenure at the University of Dayton.


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