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Our Projects

The HSI team works together towards a more sustainable campus and community. Check out the projects we have worked on in past years and current initiatives.

Sustainability Education
The Sustainability Activation Program (SAP) aims to educate the University of Dayton campus and beyond about the importance of living sustainably. The program is run by our student-led campus education team with the help of SAP volunteers. It offers education programming and events throughout the academic year.
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Zero Waste Team
HSI works with facilities management and dining services to pilot ways in which we can increase diversion of organic waste from our landfill and also move away from sending our organic waste to off-site facilities, increasing our on-campus composting. Our work also includes the student neighborhood composting program, office and coffee composting and support for zero waste events.
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Energy Team
The Campus Energy Team is led by three of our sustainability leaders and a GA supported through facilities management. This team works in collaboration with facilities management (FM) and other campus partners on projects to reduce campus energy use and educate students about energy conservation and energy justice. Their work includes the Energy GPA program, building energy efficiency audits and monitoring, Empowered Energy Consumers PATHpoint modules, and the Building Enery Efficiency Program (BEEP) mini-course.
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Energy GPA
Energy GPA program provides students in University-owned student neighborhood houses with a grade of their monthly energy use. Energy Chats have been added to help students understand the source and impact of energy use.
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Office Ecology
The Office Ecology program was launched in late 2019 as a successor to our original Green Office Initiative project. This program seeks to assist campus offices achieve their sustainability goals and provide resources in support of establishing best practices that work for each space and office team. 
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Kennedy Union Green Roof
Planning and design of the KU Green Roof was inspired and performed by work of environmental biology and sustainability, energy and the environment students and led by the Hanley Sustainability Institute. Efforts continue today to refine the work.
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Lincoln Hill
A 5-acre site was partially transformed into a sustainable site to increase neighborhood access to fresh, healthy foods and offer open green space for the community. Plans are being made to again transform the area as a community asset.
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Hanley Sustainability Institute

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