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Welcome to the Green Office Initiative/Office Ecology

The goal of the Green Office Initiative (GOI) was to help administrative and academic offices at the University of Dayton practice the Catholic, Marianist philosophy of working towards social justice and care for creation. This was done through a simple self-audit program realized by best practice sustainability engagement.

The self-audit program consisted of students, faculty and staff working together to complete a checklist of sustainable practices in their offices. Based on the completion of the checklist, offices received a Green Office Certification with progressive levels of achievement. All participants were asked to sign a sustainability pledge, which counted towards the certification.

In late 2019, HSI graduate assistants Tess Isemann and Lauren Wolford worked with the Center for Leadership on a pilot project to increase awareness of everyday habits in UD work spaces. The duo examined procurement, catering and work food habits including the use of paper plates or one-time plastic bags/utensils, office plants, transportation to work and using powerstrips that get turned off at the end of the workday, among other items. 


Hanley Sustainability Institute

Fitz Hall
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