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Campus Composting

UD composts food and organic wastes through the composting program of Dining Services at a majority of UD's dining locations. All food waste and disposable products like cups, napkins, cutlery, plates, lids straws and more are composted. Most of this material is currently transported to a regional commercial compost facility.

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During the summer and fall of 2017, HSI started working with facilities management and dining services to pilot ways in which we can start diverting some of our commercially composted waste to on-campus composting facilities. A group of four HSI student leaders have also connected with additional student organizations, including Flyer Enterprises (FE) and the Student Government Association (SGA) to partner in these efforts.

The composting team has completed a week-long organic waste audit for Kennedy Union, which will be our first dining location to divert waste to on-campus composting. The team prepped for our first test compost bin at Old River Park, including constructing the bin with UD master carpenter, Jeannie Doe and completing feedstock mixture tests. Student worked with facilities management sustainability and grounds staff to build the pile and will continue to monitor temperature and moisture through December and January.

In addition to our traditional on-campus aerated static pile compost test, we are also testing the potential to use vermicomposting at dining sites around campus that only produce a moderate amount of organic waste. The first worm bin was set up in early of December 2017 in Fitz Hall and will receive food waste from dining service's, Brown St. Bistro.



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