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2015 Conference Highlights

Highlights of the Divestment/Investment Conference 2015

Join in our success!

Acting on Pope Francis' Call

Divestment and Investment in Care for Our Common Home

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Pope Francis: Climate change demands we change course, change ourselves!

Opening Keynote

Dr. Stephen M. Colecchi, Director, Office of International Justice and Peace, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Why Divest/Invest? Putting Your Assets to Work

Plenary Session

Sr. Maureen Fiedler, Sisters of Loretto and Interfaith Voices, Dr. Cutler Cleveland, Boston University and Rev. Fletcher Harper, GreenFaith

Moderator: Dr. Robert Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute, University of Dayton

Learning from Activist Campaigns

Plenary Session

Ms. Erin Sutton, Boston College, Ms. Caroline James, Georgetown and Ms. Tessa Clarizio, Notre Dame

Moderator: Dr. Paul Benson, University of Dayton

The Mechanics of Divestment – Examples from the Field

Plenary Session

Mr. John O’Shaughnessy, Franciscan Sisters of Mary, Sr. Rose Mary Dowling, Franciscan Sisters of Mary, Mr. George Hanley, Hanley Foundation/University of Dayton and Father Martin Solma, Society of Mary

Moderator: Mr. Ryan Strode, Arabella Advisors

Telling the Story of the Divest/Invest Movement: Communications Strategies for Activists

Plenary Session

Ms. Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian and Mr. Bob Deans, NRDC

Moderator: Ms. Cilla Shindell, University of Dayton Media Relations

Success on Campus: How to Prompt Change at the University Level

Plenary Session

Ms. Marcie Smith, Responsible Endowments Coalition and Dr. Paul Benson, University of Dayton

Moderator: Mr. Andrew Horner, University of Dayton

How to Engage Institutional Leadership in Divest/Invest

Plenary Session

Mr. George Hanley, Hanley Foundation/University of Dayton and Mr. Bruce Boyd, Arabella Advisors
What’s Next? The Case for Action by Catholics

Concluding Plenary Session

Rev. Fletcher Harper, Green Faith, Dr. Ellen Dorsey, Wallace Global Fund and Dr. Anthony Annett, Religions for Peace and Earth Institute, Columbia University

Moderator: Ms. Amanda Hanley, Hanley Foundation


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