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Evolving Areas of Focus and Expertise

Evolving Areas of Focus and Expertise

Through the Hanley Sustainability Institute, the University's sustainability efforts are being extended campus-wide and into this community. Our distinctive, highly integrated approach prepares students to meet the growing demand for sustainability skills in the workplace. Leveraging existing programs, degrees and courses, such as the Environmental Biology and Geology degrees, the master’s degree in Renewable and Clean Energy Engineering, and an undergraduate minor in Sustainability, Energy and Environment (SEE), the Institute is making enormous strides to become a leader in sustainability education.

Over the last several years, HSI has developed a cross-disciplinary network of innovative people and projects, stimulating and supporting dynamic collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Education and Health Sciences, School of Business Administration, the University of Dayton Research Institute, and within the community.

HSI's community work has focused primarily on local food insecurity projects, water resources initiatives and energy solutions. In all cases, UD students, staff, and faculty have taken a collaborative approach, working with longstanding community partners to develop and implement initiatives and projects.

Energy and Sustainable Solutions

Partnerships with the School of Engineering’s Renewable and Clean Energy Graduate Program (RCL), Facilities Management (FM), and several other organizations that include UD alumni in their ranks are helping to extend the impact of HSI on and off campus. Recent connections made with the Ohio Manufacturers Association (OMA) are leading to new areas of collaboration with companies interested in sustainable energy solutions in their practices and processes. A significant project with an Ohio-based global manufacturer is currently underway in the Industrial Assessment Center (IAC), further expanding the reputation of HSI.

Water Resources Initiatives

HSI has partnered with the Rivers Institute to support its River Steward Summer Intern program and to help “green” the educational message and physical plant of the RiverMobile by investing in high-efficiency lighting and exploring ways to supply power through roof-mounted solar panels. A group of engineering students enrolled in a class at the Innovation Center are spearheading the solar-panel project, which is fostered through the Institute's sponsorship.

Local Food Insecurity Projects

HSI staff and students are addressing the regional food insecurity crisis through the new Lincoln Hill Gardens partnership (project detail on page 7) and through active participation in regional food-insecurity conversations. Collaborative discussions with community partners and city and county agencies have led the Institute to offer tailored resources and support to organizations that combat food insecurity in the Dayton region, such as the emerging Hall Hunger Initiative and the Partners for the Environment Food Team.


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