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Virtual Teach-in

COVID-19 and the Common Good

In partnership with the Fr. Ferree Chair of Social Justice, we are organizing a 4-week series to engage faculty, staff, and students across the University to: 1) provide evidence-based information and perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications; 2) engage students in learning, understanding and action; and 3) ensure collaboration across the UD in being responsive to the challenges the pandemic poses. You will need to schedule for each webinar separately. Find registration links below or within the schedule of events.

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Each week in April

Webinars will feature presentations and opportunities for Q and A with scholars whose work sheds light on the crisis

Dialogue Themes

Public health & the common good, social justice implications, economics & workers' rights, and practicing solidarity.

  • The Common Good - Kelly Johnson
  • The Virus and Public Health - Sabrina Neeley
  • Political Systems - Nancy Miller
  • Mental Health - Meredith Montgomery
  • Racial Justice - Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders 
  • The Right to Health - Shelley Inglis and Lauren Durnwald 

Week 1 Content
  • We All Became Disabled - Meghan Henning
  • The Impact on Immigrants and Refugees - Miranda Hallett
  • The Impact on Civil and Political Rights - Joel Pruce
  • The Impact on the Incarcerated - Martha Hurley
  • The Impact on Homeless People - Roger Reeb 
  • Our Humanity and Pandemics in Fiction - Liz Mackay 

Week 2 Content
  • Workers' Rights, Then and Now - Caroline Waldron
  • Gendering the Crisis - Jamie Small
  • Slavery and Pandemic - Tony Talbott
  • Impacts on Communities in Poverty - Bro. Ray Fitz
  • Prospects for Economic Renewal - Maria Vivero

Week 3 Content
  • Volunteerism - Mark Willis 
  • Law and the Common Good - Matthew Currie
  • Collaborative to End Human Trafficking - Anne Victory
  • Practicing Solidarity: Digital Activism and Advocacy - Erin Mazursky
  • Community Engagement - Katharine Schmidt

Week 4 Content


Covid-19 Guidance from Supranational Human Rights Bodies

This webpage collects the resolutions, press releases, and other statements from human rights bodies and their parent intergovernmental organizations on States’ obligations to respect human rights in mitigating COVID-19.

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