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SPHR 2019: Poster Session

October 3, 2019 | 8:00-9:00am

Permaculture gardening and adaptation; what works and what doesn't when trying to apply a new model of food security with new methods in rural Malawi?
Morgan Day, University of Dayton

Exploring household nutrition in rural Chilumba; an identifying baseline study of childhood and family nutrition as it relates to gender and family structure.
Rebecca LeBouef, University of Dayton

The Impacts of Warming Coffee: The Climate Change-Coffee-Migration Nexus in the Northern Triangle of Central America
Connor Lynch, University of Dayton

Exploring sustainable fish farming as an income generating activity: creating wealth and protein stability through larger scale sustainable production. 
Marigrace Moses,  University of Dayton

Analyzing community garden initiatives and techniques in the Chilumba area; how communities take a village approach to food security and nutrition.
Matt Schubert, University of Dayton

Male fishing culture: constructs of masculinity in providing for himself and his family.
Josh Segalewitz, University of Dayton

The Rise of ‘Right-Wing’ Human Rights Rhetoric: A Palestinian & Israeli Case Study
Leah Wilson, University of Winnipeg




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