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SPHR 2019: Concurrent Sessions 5

October 4, 2019 | 8:30-10:00am

JustLabs Workshop: Eco-Economic Transformation (1 of 2) 

This forward-thinking workshop led by JustLabs and OpenGlobalRights will run during two consecutive concurrent sessions and focus on the issues raised during the plenary. Interested participants are required to register and expected to attend both sessions. Capacity: 30 max. View Format and RSVP.


Local Human Rights Movements

Rights in Small Places? Participation, Rights and Power in Northern Ireland
Nicola Browne, Social Change Initiative

Abortion as a Human Right in the United States: Exploring the Role of CEDAW Cities in Challenging the Hyde Amendment
Jessica Pierson, Columbia University

Grassroots Globalism: Human Rights Cities and Local Human Rights Implementation
Jackie Smith, University of Pittsburgh


Critiquing and Constructing Human Rights in Higher Education

Critiquing and Constructing HRE in Higher Education
Sarita Cargas, University of New Mexico
Kristina R. Eberbach, Columbia University
Glenn Mitoma, University of Connecticut
Kristi Rudelius-Palmer, University of Minnesota
Sandra Sirota, University of Connecticut


Tech and "Human" Rights

Moderator: Dalindyebo Shabalala, University of Dayton

Delinking the "Human" from Human Rights: Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and the Future of Human Rights
A. Kayum Ahmed, Open Society Foundations

International Surrogacy Arrangements: A Human Rights Case
Marisa Almeida Araújo, Lusíada University - North (Porto); CEJEA 

Using a Human Rights Framework for Regulating the Internet of Things: The Critical Role of Human Rights Advocacy
Adam Todd, University of Dayton


Transforming Gendered Spaces

Moderator: Jamie Small, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Engaging & Mobilizing Men to Promote Women's Human Rights
Rus Ervin Funk, Global MenEngage Alliance

Feminicides, trans-feminicides and violence from a human rights perspective
Noemy Molina, Partners El Salvador- Implementing Partner of Counterpart International 

The Segregation of Religion: How Othering Influences Society’s Narrative Understanding about the Symbiotic Relationship among Racism, Sexism, and the Church
Ajanet Rountree, George Mason University School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution




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