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SPHR 2019: Concurrent Sessions 4

October 3, 2019 | 11:00am-12:30pm

JustLabs Workshop: Technological Transformation (2 of 2)

This forward-thinking workshop led by JustLabs and OpenGlobalRights will run during two consecutive concurrent sessions and focus on the issues raised during the plenary. Interested participants are required to register and expected to attend both sessions. Capacity: 30 max. View Format and RSVP.


Rethinking Transitional Justice

Moderator: Paul Morrow, University of Dayton 

On the Need for Human Rights to Constitute Structural Change: Lessons for Colombia from the Arab Spring’s Failures
Anthony Tirado Chase, Occidental College 

Addressing Mass Atrocity in Chile: Learning and Unlearning as a Function of Social Memory
Irving Epstein, Illinois Wesleyan University

Rehumanization among Veterans of the Yugoslav Wars: Rethinking Reconciliation and Post-Conflict Justice
Jordan N. Kiper, University of California, Los Angeles

Finding Restoration in the Prison Classroom: Teaching Transitional Justice on the Inside
Carrie Booth Walling, Albion College


Power & Participation in Philanthropy

Power & Participation in Philanthropy: Human Rights as a Goal or a Process?
Katy Love, Participatory Grantmaker and Consultant
Allistair Mallillin, Common Counsel Foundation
Diana Samarasan, Disability Rights Fund

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Grassroots Rights Activism: Ghana and Barcelona

Grassroots activism in resolving intractable human rights problems: Theory and case studies from Ghana and Barcelona
Rashid Abubakar, CEHDAGHANA
Francis M. Abugbilla, University of Washington
Mette Brogden, University of Arizona
Durado Brooks Jr., Independent Artist/Filmmaker
Phyllis Taoua, University of Arizona


Paradigm Shifts: Migrant and Refugee Rights

Moderator: Michael Murphy, Catholic Social Services Refugee Resettlement Program

Risking Rescue: the Politics of Precarity in Mediterranean Crossing
Eleanor Paynter, Ohio State University 

Institutionalizing Rights: The Rise and Fall of the Human Rights Paradigm in Managing Migration
Todd Scribner, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops - Migration and Refugee Services

Cultivating Political Engagement on the Migrant Trail
Abby Wheatley, Arizona State University




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