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SPHR 2019: Concurrent Sessions 2

October 2, 2019 | 2:00-3:30pm

JustLabs Workshop: Social and Political Transformation (2 of 2)

This forward-thinking workshop led by JustLabs and OpenGlobalRights will run during two consecutive concurrent sessions and focus on the issues raised during the plenary. Interested participants are required to register and expected to attend both sessions. Capacity: 30 max. View Format and RSVP.


Economic Inequality and Climate Justice

Moderator: Danielle Rhubart, University of Dayton

Human Rights and Economic Democracy: Reinvigorating the Human Rights Movement
Curtis T. Kline, Colorado State University - Fort Collins

Achieving Energy Justice in Low Income Communities: Creating a Community-Driven Program for Residential Energy Savings
Anya Galli Robertson, University of Dayton
Kevin Hallinan, University of Dayton
Jennifer Hoody, University of Dayton

Pope Francis, Human Rights, and the Crises of Our Time
John Sniegocki, Xavier University

Caste, Economic Inequality, and Climate Justice in India
Dadasaheb Tandale, University of Massachusetts, Boston


Partnerships for Environmental and Social Justice

Human Rights, Environmental Justice, Social Justice, Faith Values and Ethics: Building Stronger Partnerships for the Common Good by Understanding the Differences
Malcolm Daniels, University of Dayton
Sarah Fortner, Wittenberg University
Theresa Harris, Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights, and Law Program, AAAS
Leanne M. Jablonski, University of Dayton


Gender, Research, and Advocacy

Gender, Research, and Advocacy: What We've Learned and What Work Lies Ahead
Alexandra C. Budabin, University of Dayton
Natalie F. Hudson, University of Dayton
Julie Arostegui LeMaster, University of Cincinnati College of Law
Sinead McGrath, University College Dublin
Jessica Pierson, Columbia University
Jamie Small, University of Dayton


Community-Based Global Learning

Moderator: Anthony N. Talbott, University of Dayton

Pre-Service Teachers and Middle School Students: A Collaboration for Social Justice Art Education
R. Darden Bradshaw, University of Dayton

Memoria y Resistencia: Sharing UD experiences at the Encuentro to Close the School of the Americas
Mary Niebler, University of Dayton
Christina Baker, University of Dayton

Fear and Resistance Far from the Border: human rights and student engagement in immigrant and refugee communities in Dayton, Ohio
Miranda C. Hallett, University of Dayton
Theo Majka, University of Dayton

Community-based Global Learning
Anthony N. Talbott, University of Dayton
Molly MacCready, Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization
Matt Maroon, Determined to Develop




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