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SPHR 2013

Critical Introspection of Human Rights Advocacy

In 2013, Daniel J. Curran, president of the University of Dayton, announced the University’s commitment to create the Human Rights Center. The announcement came at the Social Practice of Human Rights conference, the first of the Center’s signature events.

1 Space

Bridging the gap between scholars and practitioners

1 goal

Enabling critical reflection on research for and about advocacy


  • Daniel J. Curran
  • Alex De Waal
  • Daniel J. Curran

    Daniel J. Curran, President Emeritus, University of Dayton

    Alex De Waal

    The Responsibilities of an Activist in a Global Political Order | Alex De Waal, World Peace Foundation

    Single set of open quotes

    This conference is an exciting opportunity to look at the practical lessons gleaned from the human rights movement and how both scholars and advocates can be more effective in advancing human rights.

    Jo Becker, Human Rights Watch


    Human Rights Center

    Keller Hall, Room 455
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2790
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    The driving force behind the Center is a diverse group of dedicated faculty, staff, and students each bringing their own expertise and knowledge to our work in the human rights arena.

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