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By registering as a presenter at SPHR17, you granted the University of Dayton the non-exclusive right to archive the title, author(s), and abstract of your paper or presentation ("the Work”), and if you choose to provide it, the full text of the Work, in the University's open-access repository.

eCommons is the University of Dayton's open-access institutional repository. It provides a permanent home for scholarly work and is a part of an international network of institutional repositories called the Digital Commons, all administered by bepress, a division of Berkeley Electronic Press in Berkeley, CA.

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Your SPHR17 paper must be submitted in its entirety to the Human Rights Center via email to hrc@udayton.edu by October 1, 2017.


We are still in the process of setting the guidelines for a future publication (in terms of style, overarching theme, etc.); however, it is likely that we will place an 8,000 word limit on accepted papers and ask for the use of in-text citations. Please note that these guidelines are tentative and that such requirements will be placed on papers once they have been accepted for inclusion in the publication.

Published Papers:

Research Panels: Format

There are 4 concurrent research sessions (110 mins each) in this year’s program.

Each research session includes 4-5 panels in different classrooms. Each panel will have a designated discussant, and includes 4-5 presentations.

Roundtables and full panels are anticipated to select their own moderator. If you would like us to identify a discussant or a moderator, please contact us.

Recommended format for panels: discussant (10 mins), each presenter (15 mins), discussion and Q&A (25 mins).

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