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The Center creates an enabling environment for faculty, students and partners to engage in transdisciplinary research for and about human rights advocacy and education. A range of targeted fellowships, scholarships and affiliations provide opportunities for deepening applied knowledge, experience and evidence in the field of human rights and rights-based development across the University.

John Meagher Fellowship

Vietnam Legacies Project

This project will support scholarship, activism, and dialogue on "Transitional Justice, Advocacy, and the U.S.-Vietnam War”.

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Faculty Research Fellows

The Center offers support to University of Dayton faculty to conduct human rights advocacy-oriented research projects with a practical, applied focus.

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Curran-Renzetti Scholarship

This fund supports undergraduate students with financial who wish to travel internationally through a specific university-sponsored program.

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Graduate and Law

Graduate/Law Summer Grants

This grant supports graduate and law students research and advocacy on pressing human rights issues around the world and locally.

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Linda C. Majka Fellowship

The fellowship supports a current student to engage in human rights research and advocacy in the local Dayton community.

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NYC Business & Human Rights Internship

This internship provides practical experience on company conduct affecting communities and advancing human rights.

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Undergraduate and Graduate/Law

Human Rights in Central America Internship - Cristosal

Through a partnership with Cristosal, this internship provides an undergraduate or graduate/law student the opportunity to experience firsthand the human rights work in Central America and develop skills as a human rights and development advocate, educator and defender while living in El Salvador.

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Undergraduate and Graduate/Law

Counterpart International Internship - Bangladesh

Through a partnership with Counterpart International, this internship provides an undergraduate or graduate/law student the opportunity to experience firsthand the human rights and local civil society development work and develop skills as human rights and development practitioner.

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Human Rights Center

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The driving force behind the Center is a diverse group of dedicated faculty, staff, and students each bringing their own expertise and knowledge to our work in the human rights arena.

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