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Partnership with Project Expedite Justice

Through a partnership between the Human Rights Center and Project Expedite Justice (PEJ), this internship will provide law students with the opportunity to join and learn from PEJ’s multinational team of lawyers, experts, and local partners. PEJ focuses on topics such as International Criminal Law, human rights, corporate accountability, transitional justice, and human trafficking. 

Project Expedite Justice is a United States registered women-led non-governmental organization, founded in 2016 by former ICC and US prosecutor Cynthia Tai. PEJ works to help victims of human rights violations by investigating and providing accountability for international crimes and serious human rights abuse, including but not limited to crimes against humanity and war crimes, transnational crimes, human trafficking, financial crimes, and corporate accountability.


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The driving force behind the Center is a diverse group of dedicated faculty, staff, and students each bringing their own expertise and knowledge to our work in the human rights arena.

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