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Our Partners

American Association for the Advancement of Science

The AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program fosters and facilitates the responsible practice and application of science in the service of society.

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The African Refugee Development Center is a grassroots, community-based nonprofit working to protect, assist, and empower African refugees and asylum-seekers in Israel.

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Business & Human Rights Resource Center

The Business and Human Rights Resource Center works to advance human rights in business and eradicate abuse by bringing global attention to company conduct affecting people and communities.

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Counterpart International

Counterpart works with communities around the globe to identify and map complex challenges; develop durable social partnerships; implement innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions; and generate lasting impact.

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Cristosal works to advance human rights in Central America through rights-based research, learning, and programming.

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Dandelion Africa

Dandelion Africa is a grassroots innovator on a mission to improve the health and economic well being of youth and women living in marginalized and rural communities in Kenya.

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Determined to Develop is a grassroots organization using education as a primary tool to break the cycle of extreme poverty in Malawi, Africa.

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Gender Tech Initiative - Uganda

A holistic and gender perspective organization, aimed at empowering women, young girls, activists, Feminists and human right defenders with skills to thwart online censorship, promote research, offer digital safety trainings and awareness to mitigate threats to digital attacks and protect them from online harassment.

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HIAS Israel

HIAS Israel works with civil society organizations and governmental bodies to improve the refugee asylum system in Israel and represents asylum seekers through legal proceedings.

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Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa is a Pan-African and feminist led initiative that contributes to the development of jurisprudence on sexual rights and women’s human rights in Africa.

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Legacies of War

Legacies of War is the leading U.S.-based educational and advocacy organization working to address the impact of conflict in Laos during the Vietnam War-era, including removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

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OpenGlobalRights, an initiative of JustLabs works to support dialogue and exchange on human rights strategy, theory, and practice.

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Project Expedite Justice works to help victims of human rights abuses through investigating and providing accountability for international crimes and serious human rights abuse. Learn more

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PROOF works to create a world of ‘upstanders’ through a three-pronged vision of education, research and advocacy.

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WomHub is a boutique pan-African incubator for female-founders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing).

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Determined to Develop

Human Rights education lies at the heart of the University of Dayton and the Human Rights Center's mission. We partner with organizations across the globe to provide students with opportunities to integrate interdisciplinary academic and experiential learning through human rights internships, fellowships and research projects.



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