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Partnership with Dandelion

Through a partnership between the Human Rights Center and Dandelion Africa, this internship provides an undergraduate the opportunity to experience firsthand the human rights within health and economic outcomes in rural areas. Dandelion’s research shows that 70% of women local to Dandelion Africa have unmet needs for family planning. Most of the population live in rural areas and although 65% of the population is youthful, majority have no livelihood projects or jobs. Insufficient healthcare is often due to poor education and infrastructure. In response to this, Dandelion has actively adopted new platforms of delivery to push the Dandelion Africa Health, Economic and Advocacy Programs to reach these remote areas. 

Dandelion Africa is a grassroots innovator on a mission to improve the health and economic well being of youth and women living in marginalized and rural communities in Kenya. Founded on a model of community ownership, they take an innovative approach to community outreach that includes representative community governance across all demographics. This community-led approach has lead to system-shifting impacts in rural and traditionally conservative communities, including reduction in FGM, increased systems of support for survivors of gender-based violence, and expansion in women’s access to reproductive health services. 

2022 Summer Fellowship

Dandelion Africa is looking for a qualified Program Assistant Intern to join their program team.

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