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Human Rights in Central America Internship - Cristosal

Through a partnership between the Human Rights Center and the Cristosal, this internship provides an undergraduate or graduate/law student the opportunity to experience firsthand the human rights and local development work in Central America and develop skills as a human rights and development advocate, educator and defender while living in El Salvador. 

This internship helps to expand the work of both organizations by advancing human rights in Central America and enables students to develop essential skills, knowledge and insights for human rights advocacy wherever they may live and work in the future.

Undergraduate & Graduate/Law

Fellowship Application

The Center and Cristosal are seeking students with commitment to defending and promoting human rights in the United States, Central America and around the world for an eight-week virtual fellowship starting in June 2021. Fellows will receive a stipend for their work.

Apply by April 30th

  • Cristosal: Mission & Rights-Based Approach
  • Romero Award 2019: Cristosal & Tutela Legal
  • Cristosal’s work in El Salvador includes community organizing, victim advocacy and accompaniment, strategic litigation and participatory research on issues of forced displacement, hate crimes, state violence, due process and access to justice and transitional justice.

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    In 2019, the Center honored human rights defenders, David Morales from Cristosal, and Ovidio Mauricio Gonzalez and Wilfredo Medrano from Tutela Legal, for their efforts to seek justice and accountability for current and past violence in El Salvador.

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