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Partnership with Counterpart International

Human rights education lies at the heart of the University of Dayton and the Human Rights Center’s mission. Projects supported by the Center integrate interdisciplinary academic and experiential learning with human rights and rights-based research and advocacy outcomes. 

With Counterpart International as a partner organization, a series of multifaceted projects and opportunities are undertaken to enable students to gain and apply learning to human rights and development practice, as well as provide valuable research to countries in Counterpart’s program portfolio. 


Undergraduate & Graduate/Law

Fellowship Application

This HRC virtual fellowship placement provides an opportunity to experience firsthand the human rights and local civil society development work done by Counterpart International (Counterpart) and develop skills as a human rights and development practitioner.

Apply by April 23rd

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The driving force behind the Center is a diverse group of dedicated faculty, staff, and students each bringing their own expertise and knowledge to our work in the human rights arena.

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