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Moral Courage on Campus

Students enrolled in three courses (HRS200, VAH428, POL431) worked on a collaborative multimedia project inspired by the the Moral Courage Project. Through an open nomination process, the UD campus community put forward names of people who exemplify "moral courage".

What is Moral Courage?

  • A trait a person exhibits when they act to promote respect and dignity within a community, especially in a way that challenges social norms, even though they could expose themselves to risk or harm in the process and may never be recognized for their actions.

Student teams interviewed these individuals and collected visual artifacts to produce concise storytelling pieces showcasing the actions of the ordinary people around us who work to positively contribute to our campus culture.

Aliyah Payne

By: Grace Elliott, Angela Weiland, Nathan Marcus, and Jake Neff

Vivian Mota

By: Maya Leibold, Grace Gibson, Tess Poe-Slade, and Connor Snodsmith

Claudia Jackert

By: Jared Marsh, Doug Lennon, Lydia Kladitis, and Anna Beebe

Carlos Stewart

By: Robert Nolan, Kathryn Hay, Julia Gallenstein, and Kaitlynne Chapman

Dr. Lis Regula

By: Casey Mullin, Bailee Boland, Britney Amin, and Justine Liptak

Grace Gibson

By: Sarah McGonigle, Lili Busic, Josh Digby, and Elijah Johnsone

Leora Kahn

By: Claire Sullivan, Cameron Nowlin, Alex Mueller, and Kaitlyn Leach

Gabe Gaiusbayode

By: Ana Alemann Belendez, Brandy Lynch, Kelsey Kamil, and Colleen Liston

Rev. Dustin Pickett

By: Nicolette Bettuzzi, Darby McMonagle, Aileen Hull, and Jojo Sattler

Spectrum House

By: Zac Collopy, Nicole Vanvoorhis, Bridget Graham, and Mackenzie Baynes

Dr. Donna Cox

By: Arabella Loera, Elizabeth Weiler, and Tongyu Guo

Dr. Molly Malany Sayre

By: Claire Strobach, Margaret Deneen, Jasmine Riechmann, and Maleah Wells

Dr. Miranda Hallett

By: Hannah Gibson, Jai'shawn McClendon, and Jill Parker

Laura Gentner-Hutchinson

By: Clark Campbell, Meredith Robinson, Dezanee Bluthenthal, and Sophie Wilson

Single set of open quotes

These stories identify the heroes among us—the individuals whose actions improve the recognition of dignity at UD.

Joel R. Pruce


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