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Moral Courage Project

This project aims to tell the stories of “upstanders” (those who refuse to be bystanders), and identify and celebrate individuals who take risks to make important contributions in their communities during moments of crisis. In all communities, there are individuals who stand up on behalf of others in danger, regardless of the risk. These people embody moral courage, yet are often left out of history. The project trains students to take testimony and engage in human rights storytelling. These skills coupled with the opportunity to conduct fieldwork provide students with invaluable and transformative experiences.

Working with partners enables support to organizations on the front lines. The Moral Courage project develops multi-platform, multi-media products that utilize audio recording, photography, music, and writing to bring stories to life.

  • 2018: America the Borderland
  • 2016: Ferguson Voices
  • 2018: El Paso, Texas

    2018: El Paso, Texas Moral Courage project students traveled to El Paso, Texas to interview and photograph human rights advocates, community leaders and faith leaders about their commitment to immigration rights work at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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    2016: Ferguson Voices

    The people of Ferguson have a story to tell – and one that the majority of those in the United States have not heard or fully understood. The 12 stories captured in Ferguson Voices are a testament not only to the systemic discrimination that the Ferguson protests laid bare, but also to the power of transformative action taken to foster community, accountability and justice.

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    Human Rights

    Moral Courage Project: Reflections from El Paso

    In an op-ed published June 5 in Flyer News, Mary McLoughlin reflects on her time in El Paso, Texas, documenting the experience of the US-Mexican border in an attempt to disrupt the current narratives around immigration and humanize contentious issues.

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