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Malawi Research Practicum

The Malawi Research Practicum is a nine-week applied research experience for undergraduate students in Chilumba, Malawi, provided by the Human Rights Center. The timeframe for this program is roughly mid-May to mid-July, 2022. 

The practicum gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain graduate level research and fieldwork experience on topic areas relevant to the local development and human rights issues impacting Malawi. In collaboration with local community members, students conduct research projects based on community-identified needs and facilitated by Determined to Develop.

Program Cycle

  1. Spring: Academics. To be eligible to apply, students must have enrolled in POL 300-02/EDT 406. Political Issues: Development and Human Rights in Africa Course in Spring 2022. 
  2. Spring: Jan 3 2022. Application will be made available through Studio Abroad and application deadline is Feb 1 2022. 
  3. Summer: Fieldwork. Students travel to northern Malawi and spend nine weeks conducting research with Determined to Develop in Chilumba Catchment area.
  4. Fall: Re-entry. Upon return to campus, students enroll in a POL re-entry course to synthesize their research into a paper, report or other types of publication projects.


  • CIP Program & Application Fee: $100.00
  • Program Fee: $1000.00

Total: $1,100.00
Special Circumstance-Based Financial Assistance is available. Please apply for the Daniel J. Curran and Claire M. Renzetti Scholarship here. For other scholarship opportunities, contact the HRC directly.

International travel for UD students is currently suspended. You can still apply to this program, but know there is no guarantee that travel will be permitted.

Practicum Research Projects

Each practicum student designs and conducts a research project on a community-identified human rights or development issue. These undergraduate research topics are grouped per summer cohorts in a timeline starting the pilot program in 2013.

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