Human Rights in Malawi

The Problem

How can students who are committed to human rights causes meaningfully participate in development and humanitarian work on a global scale, and how can they conduct research that promotes human dignity? More specifically, what research skills and techniques must they acquire in order for their work to have a sustaining impact in a particular global development context?

The Marianists, who educate for adaptation and change and seek to educate the whole person, have had a presence in “The Warm Heart of Africa” since 1963, most notably with Chaminade Catholic Secondary School & Miracle Technical College in the Karonga District. In 2009, Matt Maroon, a University of Dayton alumnus who undertook a year of service with the Marianists, committed to development work in the region and established a Karonga-based NGO, Determined to Develop. Since 2010, students have regularly traveled there to engage in numerous research and service-learning projects. Working closely with local organizations and peer Malawian university students, their research provides Determined to Develop and the community with much needed analytics to support a wide range of human rights and development efforts.

The Purpose

Drawing on transdisciplinary research and applied participatory international development insights, the Human Rights Center sponsors the Malawi Research Practicum on Rights and Development (undergraduate), and the Malawi Graduate Fellowship in partnership with Determined to Develop. Both programs serve as a framework to train future human rights advocates and professionals through applied research and the Marianist model of working with the community on critical human rights and development issues.

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