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Human Rights and Development in Malawi

Undertaken in partnership with the Department of Political Science and the NGO in Malawi, Determined to Develop, this project draws on transdisciplinary research and applied participatory international development insights to enable students from across the university, including Teacher Education - School of Education and Health Sciences and ETHOS Center - School of Engineering, to meaningfully participate in development and human rights work on a global scale.  

The Malawi Research Practicum and the Malawi Graduate Fellowship train future human rights advocates and professionals through applied research and working with the community on critical human rights and development issues.

Malawi Research Practicum

The Malawi Research Practicum on Rights & Development is a nine-week applied research experience for undergraduate students in Chilumba, Malawi.

Malawi Research Practicum

Malawi Graduate Fellowship

The Malawi Graduate Fellowship is a program designed to support a recent graduate or graduating senior with a yearlong field experience working with Determined to Develop.

Malawi Graduate Fellowship

Rights and Development in Africa

The Rights and Development in Africa course provides students the opportunity to apply knowledge utilizing both theories and applied participatory research methods to explore the nexus between human rights and development in the context of Africa today. It prepares students for experiential learning placements in Africa, including the Malawi Research Practicum. The course is available to register for Spring 2022.


The Malawi practicum gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain graduate level research and fieldwork experience on topic areas relevant to development and human rights issues impacting Malawi. The students conduct individual research projects based on community-identified needs identified by Determined to Develop.



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