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Graduate/Law Summer Grant Application

Applications for Summer 2020 are now open.

This grant will support up to five current graduate/law students to develop and implement research or advocacy projects during summer 2020. We encourage applications from across all UD academic units.

  • Applicants should submit a final application to by April 5, 2020.

With respect to University guidelines regarding COVID-19, we will not be supporting international travel during summer 2020.

  • $1,000 stipend (may be considered taxable income) to be deposited in student bursar account
  • Additional funding is available to support travel and other approved expenses
  • Open to all registered graduate/law students, including graduate assistants (must be enrolled in Fall 2020)
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA required

  • A focus on applied research or advocacy, including: community-based research or service projects, projects assessing human rights advocacy or engaging in advocacy
  • Demonstrate an explicit human rights perspective or framework
  • A focus on some aspect of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as achievement of a specific goal or target

  • Attend at least three meetings/working sessions to be held at the HRC during summer/fall
  • Participate in the Stander Symposium, Social Practice of Human Rights Conference, or other approved presentation venue
  • Write an article for the Center’s blog
  • Provide a copy of all work products and photos related to travel

April 5 2020: Submit application materials to
  1. Resume
  2. Unofficial copy of transcripts
  3. Name and contact information of your advisor or faculty mentor (if any)
  4. Research/advocacy proposal addressing the following questions (max. 1,000 words):
  • What do I want to accomplish? (Be clear, concise, and practical.)
  • Why do I want to do it (i.e., why is it important? What is the need?)
  • How are you going to do it? (Include a timeline, list of resources needed/budget, and methods to be used).
  • Who is going to be involved/engaged? (community partner or organization, center or other stakeholders, research group etc.)

Successful applications will be applied, advocacy-oriented projects that use a human rights framework and are clearly connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Human Rights Center

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