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Faculty Research Fellows- Research

Adam Todd
The Internet of Things: Controlled or Controlling Human Rights?

Caroline Merithew
A Path from History to Educational Advocacy: Lessons from Transnational Feminists and Antifascists in the 20th Century Struggle to Keep Ethiopia Independent

Corinne Brion 
Experiences of Women Principals in Public Basic Schools in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem District of the Central Region of Ghana

Dalindyebo Shabalala
Climate Change, Human Rights and Access to Climate Technologies.

Danielle Rhubart
The Three Superfund Sites of the Northeast Dayton Area: Resident Perceptions of Risk and Environmental Justice.

Heather MacLachlan 
Popular Music as an Online Purveyor of Anti-Muslim Hate in Myanmar

  • Book (partially funded by first HRC Fellowship) is forthcoming from University of Michigan Press - Singing Out: GALA Choruses and Social Change

Jamie L. Small
Men as Victims: Human Rights, Vulnerability, and Male-Male Rape

Joel Pruce
From the Shadows: The Pursuit of Global Recognition for Human Rights Abuse in the US.

Miranda Hallett
Displaced and Denied: Obstructions for Asylum Seekers in the Courts

  • "Consent, Mediation, and Complicity: the complex ethics of informed consent and scholarly representation in violent contexts"
  • Co-editor of a Geopolitics (journal) special edition with a focus on research in violent environments
  • Co-editing a book with Jamie Longazel (forthcoming with Temple University Press in 2021) on migration and mortality, with case studies of the links between immigration policy and increased vulnerability and risk 

Roger Reeb 
Development and Validation of the Self-Efficacy for Advocacy Scale: A Psychometric Instrument for Participatory Community Action Research.

Simanti Dasgupta
Prophylactic Rights: Sex Work, HIV/AIDS and Anti-Trafficking in Neoliberal Sonagachi, India.

Miranda C. Hallett
Seeking Asylum on the Migrant Trail

Neomi DeAnda
Hope Border Institute Partnership

Heather MacLachlan
LGBT Choral Movement

Caroline Merithew

Roger Reeb
Behavioral Activation Research Project in Homeless Shelters: Participatory Community Action Research

Ernesto Rosen Velasquez
Criminalization and Undocumented Migrante Laborer Identities in the Zone of Nonbeing

Mary Fuhs
Promoting Educational Equality in Early Childhood

Joel R. Pruce
Strategic Logics of Human Rights Media Advocacy

Alexandra C. Budabin
Connecting the Field: The Expanding Roster of Non-State Actors in Conflict Resolutions

  • “Diasporas as Development Partners for Peace? The Alliance Between the Darfuri Diaspora and the Save Darfur Coalition.” Third World Quarterly. Volume 35, Number 1, (February): 168-180. Special edition co-edited by Stefano Ponte and Lisa Ann Richey on “New Actors and Alliances in Development.” DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2014.868996
  • “Celebrities as Norm Entrepreneurs in International Politics: Mia Farrow and the Genocide Campaign.” Celebrity Studies. Volume 6, Issue 4: 399-413. Special collection on “Capitalism, Democracy and Celebrity Advocacy” edited by Dan Brockington. DOI: 10.1080/19392397.2015.1087206
  • With Lisa Ann Richey. “Celebritizing Conflict: How Ben Affleck Sells the Congo to Americans.” Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism and Development. Volume 7, Issue 1: 27-46. Special collection on “Humanitarianism and Human Rights: Conceptualizing Development, Security, and Justice in Africa” edited by Amal Fadlalla. DOI: 10.1353/hum.2016.0005

Simanti Dasgupta
The Unstoppables: Transactions Between Sex Worker Rights and Human Rights in Sonagachhi, India

  • Dasgupta, Simanti. 2014. “Sovereign Silence: Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act and Sex Work in Sonagachhi” PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review, Vol. 37 (1):109–125.

Natalie F. Hudson
UN Peacekeeping: On the Front Lines for Women?

Glenna Jennings
The House of Usefulness: Interrogating Labor and Leisure Rights within the Photographic Archive of the National Cash Register

  • Catalog and exhibition for Ping Yao International Photography Festival, 2014, Ping Yao, China

Theo Majka 
Refugee Adaptation and Integration

  • Forthcoming book chapter. “Critical Cosmopolitan Citizens: Experiential Engagement with Local Immigrant and Refugee Communities”, with Prof. Miranda Hallett.
  • Diverse Pedagogical Approaches to Experiential Learning, edited by Karen Velasquez. Palmgrave.

Tereza Szeghi
Didacticism, Hope, and Change: Fiction and the Fight for Indigenous Human Rights

  • Literary Didacticism and Collective Human Rights in US Borderlands: Ana Castillo's The Guardians and Louise Erdrich's The Round House


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