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SPHR 2021 Conference: Featured Speakers

Through plenary discussions and roundtable conversations, #SPHR 2021 brings together - from global to local - scholars and practitioners who are forging new terrain, creating dynamic spaces and shaping human rights advocacy in our pandemic era.

International Institutions & Racial Justice in the US

Sabrina Jordan

Uniting Ohio families against police brutality

Jamil Dakwar

International human rights advocacy for racial justice in the US

Crista Noel

Racial justice at the UN

Funding, innovation & narrative

Jimmie Briggs

Resourcing innovative activism

Nahal Zamani

Innovations in deepening democracy

Wil Haygood

The Black experience, culture, and policing in Ohio

Social Movements & Civil Resistance

Mutasim Ali

Protests and transformation in Sudan

Alwiyah Shariff

Community organizing for justice in Ohio

Tatsiana Shchurko

Belarus’ pro-democracy movement

Sirisha Naidu

Indian Farmers Protests

Margarita Maira

Constitutional Reform in Chile

Ed Rekosh

Civil society responses to COVID

Anti-rights/Anti-feminist Movements & Democratic Regression

Alexander Hinton

Extremism, mass atrocity, and the white supremacy in the US

Chloe Schwenke

Ethics and rights in international development

Anne Marie Goetz

Women’s human rights under attack

Threats to Human Rights in Central America

Amilcar de Jesus Pop Ac

Indigenous rights in Guatemala

David Morales

Rising authoritarianism in El Salvador

Sally Valladares

Defending human rights in Honduras

Local Human Rights Advocacy

Jackie Smith

Bringing human rights home

Rob Robinson

Housing Rights

Ariadna Godreau Aubert

Housing as a human right in Puerto Rico

Decolonizing Human Rights Education

Awino Okech

African feminist praxis

Tshepo Madlingozi

The decolonization approach

Yassin Brunger

Feminist and human rights pedagogy

Engineering, Peace & Human Rights

Sarah Nahar neé Thompson

Defecatory justice

Darshan Karwat

Vocational pathways for activist engineers

Mira Olsen

Peace and social justice in engineering education

Transnational Justice & Corporate Accountability

Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man

Transnational litigation against corporations

Kristin Rosella

Transnational accountability for international crimes

Arnold Kwesiga

Business and human rights in Africa

Vaccine Equity & COVIDs Impact on HR

Dainius Puras

Mental health and pandemics

Burcu Kilic

Vaccine equity

Raphael Hoetmer

Learning for human rights practice in times of crisis

Art, Museums, Design & Advocacy

Migiwa Orimo

Art and activism

Tali Nates

Museums, advocacy, and atrocities

Calinda N. Lee

History, imagery, and civil rights

Dayton & Ohio Advocacy

Kenya Baker

Cooperative community power

Julio Mateo

Dayton Police Reform

Houleye Thiam

Mauritanian Network for Human Rights in the US

Desiree Tims

Revitalizing Democracy in Ohio

Ifeolu A.C. Claytor

Organizing for the Vote in Ohio

Nina Carter

Local community empowerment